With our Integrated Productions System solutions we work closely together with customers to develop highly efficient machines. This system are tailored to the customers cycle time and environments while the design ensures that no defective product leaves the assembly line. Our extensive knowledge is automation, assembly, inspection and testing enables us to produce systems with cycle times ranging from 2 seconds to 30 seconds per assembly.
Our Portfolio for Electronics Industry

The rapid growth of the electronics industry requires productions systems that are flexible to cater to the industries new requirements.

Scalability & Flexibility of the systems are the key to cost efficient manufacturing.

Integrated Production Systems for Electronics

ECA Integrated Production Systems offer modular concepts that provides flexibility for various assembly processes.

Consumer Electronics such as household electronics, telecommunication devices, computer peripherals and wearables
Electronic Components such as IC, LED and Substrates
Power Electronics Components such as IBGT, MOSFET and AC/DC converters
Technology Know How
  • More than 20 years in automation, assembly & inspection
  • Scalable & Flexible Modular Platform
  • High Quality Inspection System
  • Global Partner Network